Friday, August 11, 2017

In case of Geomagnetic or Solar Storms you want to be carrying enough cash to get to your next destination

During a solar storm or other type of power outage or equipment outage you aren't going to be able to use any  credit cards or ATM cards. So, it is good to carry enough cash with you to get to your next destination.

Also, if a first strike by North Korea or the U.S. happens it is possible some or all credit cards or ATM cards will not work in various places around the world. So, be sure to carry enough cash to at least get to your next destination so you can buy water, food, etc. or gas for your vehicles or to by a train or bus ticket or plane ticket to somewhere safe you want to be.

Since almost anything now could happen worldwide during the next year or so I would be prepared and carry enough cash to survive anything that comes up in your lives so you are prepared more for any emergency that could arise.

We live in troubling times on various different levels.

I think preparing for a worldwide outcome similar to 1941 might be advisable at present as in December 7th 1941 in specific. So, being prepared keeps you and your family alive through all this.

Forewarned is forearmed.

And then if nothing happens at least you were prepared for anything that might arise.

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