Monday, August 7, 2017

Imagine a failed launch of the Nuclear ICBM within 50 miles of the coast of California from an NK submarine

Why am I considering this?

Because the North Koreans haven't demonstrated being cold and calculated in a really useful way. In other words the people building this stuff are basically slaves who are fed (unlike 20 million people in North Korea). So, are they paid? Do they really want to be doing this? I think the likely answer is "NO!"

They just want to be fed and that's all mostly so they are building these things so they get food for themselves and their families so they can eat.

So, since these people are not like People in the U.S. who not only are being fed and have a real life and any freedoms you have to consider that their stuff likely isn't going to work very well because of this.

However, imagine an underwater mishap (not a surface detonation of a nuclear weapon like on Bimini to test nukes).

Instead we have an accidental detonation underwater. Imagine this 50 feet down under the ocean? What would this do?

Basically, one outcome would be sort of like the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami and EArthquake where 250,000 people died.

So, they wouldn't even have to launch this thing. They could detonate (by accident or on purpose and a minimum of 250,000 people in the U.S. would die form this. Once it detonated that near to our shore (even underwater) there would be literally no way to stop the massive amounts of deaths say in Los Angeles or San Diego because they are fairly low altitude even in Los Angeles all the way to Sunland and Tujunga against the Angeles Crest that goes up to around 00 or 9000 feet and higher at Mt. Baldy and San Gorgonio and San Jacinto mountain near Palm Springs.

So, a 100 foot or even 1000 foot tidal wave caused by a nuclear explosion underwater within 50 miles of shore would kill a minimum of 250,000 people when this hit the shore there in either Los Angeles or even worse San Diego which is actually worse in regard to low altitude places near the level of the ocean there.

The other problem likely would be if it went off 50 feet down it could also trigger the San Andreas Fault going off because of the pressures building up there. The concussion if it went off underwater also might cause the San Andreas fault to go off if the nuclear blast underwater went down as well as up and sideways. So, it is possible to have a 7.0 to 9.0 earthquake triggered by a nuclear blast underwater. This could cause potentially millions of deaths in the state by such an earthquake in combination with.

With even 250,000 people dead in the U.S. North Korea would naturally become a crater. But, radiation would kill many Chinese and weapons might also be used on Seoul, Korea through artillery and turn it into a firestorm there as well. and radiation from the U.S. nuking North Korea would also likely kill millions of South Koreans and Chinese as well.

Also, India and Pakistan are nearby and if they become angry when the U.S. was attacked and retaliate on North Korea as well for attacking their allies. It is completely unknown how pissed off any nation on earth might get.

For example, the children of the richest people in China live and work and go to school now a lot in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. If thousands of them die they are children of the leadership in China which could cause unbelievable retaliations against North Korea because the richest people in China ARE ALL connected with the Chinese government.

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