Monday, August 7, 2017

southern California

Drove to Southern California today. We have another house now there but family members have been visiting there and no one left the password for the wifi so I had to once again turn my phone into a WIFI hot spot for awhile. The house had been closed for a little while so it was hot when we got there so I opened up as many screened windows in the house as possible to cool it with the night air off the beaches nearby. Around San Miguel we saw about 100 degrees which was the hottest it got as we drove south from the SF Bay area down 101.

Temperatures in Portland have stayed mostly in the 90s this week which is much more manageabhone)le than the 100s up to 108 last week or the unheard of 111 in Medford (even though if it were Redding this would be more normal. But, global warming is kicking everyone's ass and more and more people are dying from it worldwide now and the numbers will increase yearly form now on.

I prefer just to connect direct with a cord (option 3) with an IPhone smartphone that can do this (for a wifi hotspot with a smartphone)( I have a 7+) if you connect with your charging cord from phone to computer you don't need a password. This is why I prefer using it this way because it is a direct connection sort of like an ethernet connection in the old days.

However, everyone is going to have their own preferences for whatever the reason in the end.

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