Thursday, August 3, 2017

Strange Monsoon weather everywhere south of the Northern California border

I'm seeing this weather on a radar map as far east at least as Colorado and all the way south into northern Mexico. Here it is creating what I call UFO clouds with big drops out of them. My wife called me while I was out on a group of rocks in the ocean that I could walk to because of low tide and she said big rain drops were hitting her car as she drove out of the driveway. She said suddenly if felt cold and I told her to go back and get a light coat or something but she was too far away by then from home to consider this. Weather is very strange here now but not as strange as the weather in Portland ,oregone which is now 93 on it's way to 104 there today they say. Medord hit 111 degrees yesterday which is unheard of too for that far north
This is from a friend of mine in Mt. Shasta. A Friend of hers sent it to his girlfriend in New York because she didn't believe he could actually fry an egg on his Redding, California Sidewalk outside his house in Redding. Redding was I believe 109 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday and Medford, Oregon was 111. This isn't unusual for Redding but this is incredibly unusual for Medford, Ashland and Portland to have temperatures this high. NO one (2/3 or more of the people)  even have air conditioning in their homes throughout Oregon and Washington because this is incredibly unusual and strange (Global Warming) to have temperatures this high. I helped my daughter yesterday purchase a portable air conditioner in Portland and she said she had to get caught in traffic she had to drive so far to purchase it because most places were already out of air conditioners yesterday. So, I think hospitals are going to be full of people with heat stroke and heat related health problems throughout Oregon and Washington because of this.

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