Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The average recovery is around 7 years and we are presently in the 8th year of a recovery

If you are looking at the stock market it looks like the economy is going great guns doesn't it? But, if you look at how people (middle Class people) are buying things you will notice they are being very very careful. Why?

Because Trump is a liar and everyone knows it. So, everyone knows (especially the poor and middle Class) that he is not for the poor or middle Class. So, poor and middle Class people are holding onto their pennies because we might be entering into "Rainy Days". Because if the poor and middle Class don't take care of themselves Trump definitely is NOT taking care of them.

Just look at how his REpublican party has tried to take away all medical rights of the poor and the Middle Class. And since he cannot end Obamacare through Congress he is going to "cut it's balls off" with presidential edicts used to defund it almost completely.

When the poor and middle Class see this they are NOT going to spend money but instead save their pennies because Trump isn't protecting ANY of their best interests.

So, it really doesn't matter how high the stock market goes because the poor and middle Class aren't going to be spending their money because they don't Trust Trump at all.

If they don't take care of themselves no one else will protect them either. Not this government.

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