Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump brings with him potential human extinction


Because his priorities are all wrong. Thinking like a businessman when he should be thinking like a philanthropist like Bill Gates and his wife could be the death of us all. To be this blind sided by ONLY PROFIT in an age of Global Warming should be a crime and likely is.

Both Putin and Trump are throwbacks to the 1800s and Victorian Thinking where women have no rights but to spread their legs for anyone who wished them to. Not one thought was ever given to the women or children's real needs then. And Putin and Trump resemble these self idolizing men of that era, racist and vane and believing they can do almost anything they want at any time.

Too many male rights have been taken away in too short a period of time and so I understand why there is this worldwide reaction of white men upset about too many of their rights disappearing. This is what ISIS and Al Qaeda is about too if you really think about it. It is about paranoid men who have lost too many rights to lord it over women.

IF you study history it is like this. There is progress and there is regression. And often during these regressive periods wars like World War I and World War II happen and then right after that (like in the 1950s and 1960s) we had incredibly progressive things happening too. However, we also had incredible wealth in this country as well up until the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973. A 17 year old white male could easily support 5 people, a house, with one or two cars even working as a carpenter or garbage man without a high school education then. But, this isn't true anymore.

How does Trump Bring with him potential Human extinction?

By denying global Warming he has already condemned millions to death through bad weather and seas rising worldwide.

Will the human race actually go extinct?

I don't think so.


Because just as Trump was a regression, within 20 years there likely will be another extreme progression after all the nuclear wars and others are over. But, it is likely we may see nukes or just extreme starvation from various sanctions of one nation against another instead.

We appear to be in a Sanction War cycle instead of a nuclear war cycle.

But, the real danger here is those being starved like in North Korea (the 20 million starving there right now) might cause an actual nuclear war with some or all large cities in America nuked by North Korea in a submarine Blitzkrieg, Hitler style!

Here' the problem. Let's say North Korea sent 100 submarines each with one ICBM on board.

How many would get through our security measures to launch?

And how many would misfire?

And how many would actually launch and reach their targets?

I don't know the answer to any of these questions. Do You?

What happens if they are detected?

Do they launch when detected in the middle of the pacific (or Atlantic ocean)?

What if they leave about now when most arctic Ice is melting or melted and head for Toronto or Boston or New York or even Washington DC?

One nuclear hit on any American City also might create doomsday weapons going off and annihilating all life on earth. This is something to think about too!

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