Sunday, August 13, 2017

What I found odd is that most things humans believe in are not really true

In the process of evolution as a human being and a soul through soul travel I found one by one that most things that people tend to believe in actually aren't ultimately real. Since I mostly learned these things over around 20 years from about age 10 or 12 to around 30 plus years of age I found this tolerable to learn all this because it was just one change at a time. Also, I tend to be braver than most people as I face my life likely because I had already almost died of whooping cough at age 2 before Archangel Michael and his band of angels appeared to me to save me then. Later I almost died from "Blunt Trauma childhood epilepsy" also. So, by the time one survives things like this you are either brave or dead and sort of traumatized like a soldier with PTSD to some degree just from ongoing trauma since childhood.

So, I was able to integrate all the truths I learned one by one into my life because I usually tend to view life a lot like a scientist would by breaking all events and experiences in my life into hypotheses, theories and laws.

So, as one by one most of the things one learns in Sunday School either changed or modified greatly I was able to cope with this unlike many others I knew or knew of in my life.

But, also, I come from a long line of pioneers who settled this country back all the way to 1725 when my ancestors came over from Switzerland by way of England on a ship all 6 brothers came together by the way as young adults. So, "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best" is the motto of American Pioneers. So, to take this motto also into understanding the internal and external universe of being a human being was a natural direction for me to take this.

First of all, I discovered by age 30 that the physical universe is actually inside of God's mind. I suppose if you didn't believe in God you might say this differently. You might say that "The universe is not at all what the average person on earth things it is."

So, this leaves the average person on earth sort of "living in ignorance" of the truth of life doesn't it?

So, if you actually understand the truths of life you have an incredible advantage over those that don't seem to understand anything.

So, the biggest thing that is different is the universe in the end is not real or physical at least in the way most humans believe.

It is real sort of like the way your dreams might be real or a heaven realm might be real but not in an ultimately physical or real way.

However, even I pretend it is real like most other people even though I know it isn't that at all. Why?

Because people would think me or anyone else crazy if I didn't at least pretend to believe it was what they believe it is.

So, by knowing the truth I am truly free. However, by pretending the truth is what other people believe it allows me to pretend to be like them.

This works for me because in knowing the truth all I have to do is to experience the truth when others are doing bad things and their worlds un-create themselves around me. I don't have to say anything I only have to acknowledge the truth in my mind and their worlds un-create before me because they are not the truth anyway.

So, this is a good way to protect yourself and others from those doing bad things in this world once you become enlightened in this way.

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