Monday, July 30, 2018

Russia dumping 84% of it's debt just means the cyber war is going to get many more times intense against us from Russia

IF China suddenly dumped 84 to 100% of it's debt with the U.S. you would know things are going to get really really serious with both countries in relation to the U.S.

This is what countries often do just before war is declared with another country.

This is important to understand.

This is also why the Cyber war is going to get 10 times or more worse now from Russia.

It wouldn't surprise me now if Russia attacked our banking, and gas lines and electrical grids as a way of bankrupting our government and peoples now.

Outside of nuking Russia what would you even begin to do to stop them from doing this?

There isn't a presently useful way. Because Attacking Russia through Cyber means isn't a real option because we are presently about 80% to 90% more vulnerable to such an attack than they are in economic ways and in all ways now.

So, how would you respond when there is nothing cyber for us to attack much and we are the wealthier nation with everything to lose?

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