Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why do people believe in God?

Those that aren't faking it for cultural reasons (like some ministers and Priests) have usually had nowhere else to turn as children and wouldn't be alive otherwise.

When you literally have nowhere else to turn for whatever the reason in order to stay alive you might believe in God too like I did and have ever since because you are approaching a trauma level that you might not survive otherwise.

So, believing in God fills this need.

Does this mean that God is real?

I think as a human being that's the wrong question to ask.

You might think it's the right one but it's not.

Do you want to be alive and healthy or do you want to know the answer to that question?

What if the answer to the question "Is God real" is impossible to prove one way or another (like in reality).

So, maybe the question that YOU need to actually ask is: "Do I believe what I need to believe to survive my life?"

This is actually the question most people never ask. And so often they die because they don't ask this question.

They drive their cars or trucks too fast and then they die because they don't ask this question.

They get too drunk and then they crash because they don't ask this question.

The over dose on drugs because they don't ask this question.

They commit suicide because the person they are in love with won't stay with them or dies.

But, the ONLY really important question actually is:

"Do you believe what you need to believe to stay alive as a human being on earth to old age?"

This is the ONLY really important question for people and because they don't ask it they die young often.

Understanding this is human survival.

Not understanding this people usually die before their time.

And the really funny thing about this is the answer to this question is likely different for every person on earth.

But not asking this question is often fatal for people between the ages of 12 and 30 worldwide.

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