Sunday, July 29, 2018

This URL is likely the most important article I have written in several years

I'm thinking that somehow it was arranged that I sprain my knee so I would really really have to slow down internally and go into an altered healing space that I don't ordinarily go except for very deep prayer or something like a Vision quest of no water or food or something like that. After a week of not being able to drive a car at all it has changed me a lot. But, my knee is finally getting better.

It took a lot of thought to write about what I'm writing about in this article and an easier way to get it likely is to use the word button I'm going to give you inside of black lines which is what Chrome does in this kind of situation. It's one of the reasons I don't like Chrome because as soon as I put this I cannot write any more after that. And yes there are UFOs and they want to thin out the human race before we go extinct at this point and they are getting desperate to do it before we go extinct by accident. And they are using their methods which won't work very good for human civilization and democracies and human rights. So, if you want them to leave us alone we have to solve the problem so they don't feel they have to. Though I don't agree with their methods at all, I also understand they are not of our cultures here on earth so how would they know what we know?

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