Saturday, July 28, 2018

When I was young I used to tell people what was going to happen to them and then it would happen and they would freak out!

So, I stopped doing this mostly because they couldn't handle it. I had to learn to handle knowing a lot of things most people don't know but that is an entirely different thing sort of more like becoming a doctor or something with a PHD in being intuitive.

So, what you tell people and what you don't is really really important. I've learned now to just try to redirect people when I need to save their lives rather than telling them the problem. So, as an intuitive when you see something coming if you keep people away from something if it is going to harm them than you will save their lives.

However, if something really good is coming like someone they are supposed to meet and marry and in interfere you could cause their deaths or your own down the line so be very careful.

Knowing what is coming is an awesome responsibility that you and I will have to live with the rest of our lives so be responsible because both your life and other lives are always at stake in all of this.

So, it is much like being a doctor or policeman or a fireman. What you do saves lives or if you screw up people might die and if you screw up you might be held responsible for their deaths. So, because of this I always try to save people's lives but usually ask God what he wants first. Just because God shows you something doesn't always mean what you might think. But, also if God shows you something often God wants you to save lives too I find. Otherwise, you aren't shown stuff at all.

This seems to be true too.

Getting used to this level of responsibility is hard but when God gifts you with Intuition it is part of the territory.

By God's Grace

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