Saturday, October 27, 2018

11 dead so far in Pittsburgh, 6 injured, 4 of them police officers

I was thinking about this more today. Even if you took away all legal weapons, crazies like this would still get weapons from the black market. It's just like the bomber last week, they are going to be resourceful and buy whatever they need even if it is a crossbow or a slingshot or hydrochloric acid or whatever they are going to use to kill. In countries where guns are not legal, people use knives or clubs a lot to kill people. When people want to kill they will find, steal or make a weapon to kill people. Even in prison, prisoners make "Shanks sometimes out of forks or table knives to defend or kill people. So, anywhere people are going to find ways to kill or to defend themselves. This is true all over the world. As I travel the world it is quite common for people to have something like a Buck knife that they travel with to protect themselves on their person in ALL countries on earth by the way.
A Buck knife or something like this has a 3 to 5 inch folding blade with a locking mechanism where the blade folds nicely inside the handle so you can put it in your pocket or jacket to have it available to protect yourself. So, if you are going to have something like this be sure to put it in your suitcase  that you check with your baggage and don't take it on a plane ever. Many people also carry Swiss army knives for the tools but also as a back up for protection too.

Often people think that if you make guns illegal you are going to stop the killing. Actually, if you did that likely murders would increase in the U.S.  because law abiding citizens wouldn't have guns only criminals would and so Law abiding citizens couldn't protect themselves. Knowing anyone could be carrying a firearm is a great  equalizer and neutralizer in our society by the way. It's one of the reasons why people are so polite most of the time. Have you ever thought about this?

In studies on areas where cities have made hand guns or rifles illegal, criminals notice and they shoot up areas and rape and rob those areas where law abiding people cannot get weapons legally to protect themselves the most. This is just human nature in regard to criminals.

So, if law abiding citizens don't have weapons to protect themselves just expect things to get ten times worse or more from criminals with weapons. This is just human nature all around.

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