Monday, October 29, 2018

A personal covenant with all life or God in the universe is important

People try to combine organized religion and a personal covenant with God and the universe.

This is an incredible mistake and makes people vulnerable to all sorts of knowing or unknown to themselves hucksters.

The most dangerous people of all are those lying to themselves but who are sincere because they don't seem to realize that they are lying to themselves.

You often find this type of person as ministers in a religion. Because once it becomes a job then their financial livelihood and religion comes in between them and their relationship with God and your relationship with God and life.

So, this is an insidious problem within ANY religion.

Because if you don't know they are lying to themselves and they don't know they are lying to themselves then who is going to save you from disaster?

This is why a personal covenant with God and Life is important, much more important than belonging to ANY religion. Without this your physical, emotional or psychological survival is in jeopardy often in life.

And this is why people go down in religions because of dishonesty from ministers in religions all over the world. And usually this dishonesty is unknown even to the minister until it is too late or it is never realized ever in this lifetime.

Because of this your personal relationship with God is the single most important thing in your life. It helps prevent your self destruction or even allowing others to destroy you because you stop caring about whether you live or die.

So, your best friend is God or (all life in the universe) from whence you sprang.

By God's Grace

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