Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Investing: Can you live without your investments now?

This is the basic rule for a market like this one?

First, Do you have enough cash out if the market crashes like it did on October 29th, 1929 (89 years ago today?)

2nd: Can you live without the money you have invested for 5 to 10 years?

If not, then maybe it's time to get out of the market.

The problem is that ever since the Stock market Crashed in Fall of 2008 and eventually dropped to 6500 points (around there) in 2009, it hasn't been as safe of an investment as it was further back. Of course I'm talking about the Great Recession which began with the Stock market crash of fall 2008 and before.

Trump invests and does things based upon only the richest 1% of people on earth. So, because of this his plans often destroy any investor (in homes, businesses or stocks) of people in the 99% brackets below this.

People surrounding Trump are worth together I believe several billion dollars. This is the richest white house in U.S. history. So, the people around Trump also believe in the 1% only rule too. Everyone else can just go starve to death.

So, when you have a president like this it is sort of like Having Herbert Hoover in as president who destroyed the U.S. with the Great Depression. If you wonder why FDR got elected to 3 terms it was because of Herbert Hoover destroying the country economically like Trump is also on the road to. His strategies are not for poor people (like many of his voters) to survive. This is sad.

When Obama said none of his White House Got indicted this is true. The corruption of Trump and his White House is "World Class Corruption" of inside traders and people who want to make a buck (or 1 billion bucks or more on the backs of the American people (which they are presently doing.)

So, a collapse of the stock market at some point because of Trump is likely caused by a Trade War and his Tax Cut for Rich Corporations which is also bankrupting the country presently day by day.

So, at a certain point I expect to see a big stock market collapse, if for no other reason that China is going to up the trade war against Trump and refuse to make a deal with Trump. To them, he is only a flash in the pan. They will deal with the next president likely a Democrat but not with Trump.

It's a lot like the Iranians not dealing with President Carter, they waited for Reagan to make a deal.

The Chinese are presently giving Trump the finger in regard to the trade war and this likely will continue until Trump is gone as president.

The  Chinese have historically "Blown Off" competitors for hundreds of years if necessary. What is 4 to 6 years maximum to them of blowing off Trump? Expect many NEW Trade war sanctions against the U.S. from China now. Trump started a war the U.S. can only lose because of our 54% U.S. investors in our country compared to only 9% Chinese of investors in Chinese Stock market in China.

Watch out for China trying to Crash U.S. Markets to put Trump permanently out of business very soon like a few days from now. They tend to be the largest investor in U.S. Treasuries in the World.

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