Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Tesla Manual: "You can engage Autopilot over 50 miles per hour but it might not see stationary objects"

According to Morgan, the Model S manual states that "you can engage it over 50 miles an hour, but if you engage it over 50 miles an hour, it's got trouble finding stationary objects and stopped cars. To me, that's a big problem. To me, that means you're selling nothing."
To be fair to Tesla, this problem isn't unique to the company. Most emergency braking systems on the market today won't stop for stationary objects at freeway speeds. These systems are not sophisticated enough to distinguish a stationary object on the road from one that's next to or above the road. So to make the problem easier to handle, the cars may just ignore stationary objects, assuming that the driver will steer around them.
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So, on "Autopilot" unless the driver steers around a stationary object the vehicle is likely going to hit the object (at whatever speed the vehicle is then traveling) IF the driver doesn't steer around it himself or herself.

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