Tuesday, October 30, 2018

As an Intuitive and Precognitive psychic

I have written about this before but realize it is important to share this once more with you again:

Trump was not elected exactly to be president. Instead he was PUT IN by the Secret Agencies of the world who have access to time travel forward and backward in time. They did research and realized that the human race (without a demagogue like Trump) went extinct between 2080 and 2090. In some scenarios the earth no longer exists.

So, they decided the only way was to drastically reduce the population of earth was by putting in Trump.

So, Trump is a completely desperate attempt by the secret agencies of earth like Russia, China and the U.S. (all of whom have access to time travel to see what the future brings given different variables.

And the only desperate way to prevent human extinction through terrorists with nukes that they could find was to put Trump into office. Because like Hitler he greatly reduces world population. Yes. They realized Trump might nuke the world out of existence too. Remember folks, This is a completely desperate attempt to prevent human extinction around 2080 to 2090 on ANY scenario they had going either for real or with computer models.

Another attempt created the 3rd timeline (we are on the 2nd timeline) and the first timeline human civilization ended basically on 9-11-01 with 5 billion dead the first 24 hours after 9-11 from nukes in a worldwide nuke out accident.

On the 3rd timeline, Hillary Clinton became president elected by the popular vote. These two timelines are here in the hopes that human civilization can be kept alive on one or both of them.

I just thought you deserve to know these things given what we are facing now sort of like the 1930s once again here on earth.

By God's Grace

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