Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Electric Vehicles

Californians want to help the environment a lot and so they buy Electric vehicles likely more than any state on earth. But, there's also some downsides to this. "The upside is reducing the price of Gas and diesel by driving Electric Vehicles. The downside is long term health of the occupants of these vehicles and the problem of disposal of batteries to run this type of vehicle. In some ways a hybrid to me is a better idea because say you had a direct electrical connection without using battery storage at all. Then you could go anywhere without ever having to get rid of large batteries that pollute the environment and make water impossible to drink because of the chemicals of those batteries when they leach into water tables around the world. Richer countries likely will find ways to protect their water tables at first. But, as electric vehicles go to poorer and poorer people around the world they will just park that car or truck (electric) anywhere on a farm or road and it will rust away and the batteries and everything will melt right into the water table wherever they are left on earth and people because of this will get sick and die because their well water has contaminants in it from the leaching of the chemical batteries into the earth wherever they are. The chemicals might also kill or taint organic food grown nearby as well worldwide as the water is pumped up from wells or rivers polluted from the batteries of electric vehicles.

So, it is important to understand we are creating cheaper gas and diesel by using electric vehicles but we are also polluting more the ground water all over the earth using electric vehicles.

note: Train engine hybrids I believe work like this where they have diesel engines running which I believe just go direct to electric motors. I think this is how they work. So, you could have diesel hybrid direct to electric without storage batteries or gas hybrid without storage batteries direct to electric motors. This way you wouldn't need the storage batteries that are the biggest waste hazard in the end of the life of the batteries.

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