Saturday, October 27, 2018

It's a relief having my template back to normal

Note one day later in Portland: I just realized the title doesn't match the article: Basically, I didn't have my template working for several days. I believe it just crashed but who knows it could have been a Halloween prank of some kind by someone too. The way it just went all black and spooky: Maybe. So, anyway after putting a temporary template up so it didn't look so creepy I finally found a place to refurbish my old friend standby template and put it back up. So, I still have no idea if it was a prank or an accident or just an old Template that eventually corrupted to the point where it stopped working. Still not sure.

So, all the blues and greens and greys and white etc. of my template are back so it will be easier for you to recognize if you have been here more than once.

Today, I went for a walk after helping a friend rake up (infinite) oak leaves. They are really beautiful this time of year but the 5 to 10 mph wind was really bringing them down today wherever they were on his land. He was mostly interested (because he has left most of his 2 1/2 acres of land wild with many fir and pine and port Orford cedars in addition to the natural oaks that were there in the 1970s when he bought his acreage), he is mostly interested in getting the leaves off the road so when it snows he doesn't get stuck on sliding leaves under the snow. He was also up about 25 feet cutting dead oak limbs so a fire doesn't get going too easily also. Also, he uses Oak leaves to start his wood stove which is the main heater for his main house. He also has a back up for when he is gone a few days at a time in the winter so the pipes don't freeze while is traveling.

People have been talking to me of a nature trail near the Mount Shasta Public Library that they have built. It turns out it is built to take not only walkers but also wheelchairs because it has edges so people in wheelchairs won't go off the edges. They built it out of plastic wood too which is very ecological in that you aren't using redwood or other woods to build something like this. But, Redwood is so very expensive now no one can afford it pretty much because there is none left that can be cut mostly. So, more and more people are moving over to plastic wood. I have a deck on the coast of my house when I replaced my redwood deck (after 20 to 30 years) with plastic wood which also can last 20 to 30 years like Redwood.

Anyway, this is built over a place that has a lot of water during about 6 months of the year. There were still bull rushes over part of it but mostly it has dried up for this time of year now but in the spring my friend says that the plastic wood if often covered with water of the man made trail through this nature preserve. You also can see the Mountain well through many parts of this nature preserve if you want to get good pictures of mt. Shasta. IF you go to the library and park in the parking lot, then you walk to the right of the library and this puts you on the trail of the nature preserve. If you are in Shasta go exploring and see what you can find.

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