Tuesday, April 18, 2017

1,600,070 visits to intuitivefred888 so far

With over 100,000 visits to my site the last month it is pretty amazing for me. However, maybe people are valuing more being intuitive in these uncertain times worldwide.

People these days are taking nuclear war because of North Korea and Trump more seriously. However, in some ways this likely is a diversion too for both countries at this point.

Where all this is going to go at this point is anyone's guess.

But, dishonesty in government breeds more dishonesty in all political parties worldwide. It's very infectious what Trump is doing.

When people see he is getting away with this more people who are corrupt will try lying to their people too. Over time this is going to cause the deaths from lies of millions of people around the world. At this point this is likely inevitable.

Because of Trump's lies millions will directly and indirectly die around the world and because of this likely the human race won't go extinct.

But, it must be said there is a price to be paid for the way Trump is doing things and unfortunately this price will be paid by all mankind in their quality of life this century.

But, no matter what party you are likely it is important also that the human race does not go extinct this century because of the millions of deaths caused by Trump's lies ongoing both directly and indirectly worldwide.

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