Saturday, April 8, 2017

Being intuitive during the next year might save your life

First of all, something is up because Trump shot 59 missiles into Syria to get the attention of China's president who was visiting Florida and Trump's estate when he shot them off. Another fact, U.S. Carrier strike group heads toward Korean Peninsula.

So, I would try to be aware what is going on intuitively. So, if you feel things aren't right or you feel you aren't safe at a particular location somewhere on earth you might think about changing locations.

This year is a time to be aware when things just don't feel right because it might save your life.

It might only be that some driver is just too freaked out about all this or more and isn't safe to be driving next to on the road. But, in crazy times try to be aware of what is going on around you. And if you get something might happen where you are going to be or be driving through or by you might want to change your plans.

HOWEVER, the furthest out on a limb I ever went with my intuitions that likely saved the lives of one or more of my family also caused my divorce too within a few years of this event. So, even if you save lives often there is a price to be paid even when you know things in advance are going to happen.

For example, the previous furthest true story to the one above was one day I knew if any of us drove one of our cars then in 1986 that one or more members of my family were going to die. So, I asked my wife not to drive a car that day at time. She said, "I have business deliveries to make" (we owned at least 2 businesses at the time and it was Saturday I believe then. And my stepdaughter had an orchestra practice at the high school. So, I realized I wasn't going to stop my wife from driving because she wasn't (right then at least) interested in listening to me about my intuitions.

So, I prayed for the next hour or so as hard as I could to prevent my then wife and stepdaughter's lives ending suddenly.

Sure enough when they took off they had a head on in a 1976 VW rabbit with a BMW on a hairpin turn down a canyon near our house on the way to the high school for orchestra practice for my stepdaughter.

Within 15 minutes of leaving my step daughter came running up to the door crying hysterically and said, "Come quick in another car we had a bad traffic accident. I drove there in another car with my daughter. My wife was having difficulty breathing because she had cracked several ribs in the head on and my step daughter's head had almost gone through the front window too. But luckily the only injury on her was that she had put her hand on the windshield and her head had hit her ring and hurt her forehead. So, neither died but the 1976 Red VW Rabbit was completely totaled so we were given a check from the Insurance company to replace the car.

Now, here's the thing. God had just saved two lives by my  praying for them and he answered me because otherwise both would have died from an accident I saw coming while waking up that morning. However, here's the rub. Both of them at a point in the future made my life so difficult that I came close to having a stroke and now at this point in my life I don't speak to either of them anymore.

So, did I make a mistake of praying for them to save their lives? Would their souls have been better off if they had died?

This question is presently above my pay grade. I don't know. God answered my prayer. Another daughter was born to my wife and I who is now 28 and is maybe the most amazing being I have ever met in my entire life who is even more intuitive than I am and more holistic as well.

So, maybe this is why all this happened because God wanted my new daughter to be born I don't know for sure. But, what I guess I'm saying here is even if you are intuitive you really don't understand what God understands (at least not fully that would make ultimate sense in the end).

Thinking you understand everything is the big mistake because in the end ONLY GOD fully understands. We might be in training and God is training us but we will always be the student and God will ALWAYS be the teacher. This is just how it all is.

By God's Grace

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