Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Blackmail through Nuclear weapons

It is not politically correct to write or speak in this way but I think it is important to be real about this so more people don't die like the Sunni children that have died from nerve gas recently.

The best presently on earth at nuclear weapons blackmail is Putin. Poltically correct nations like the U.S. and Europe likely don't have the stomach to play chicken (daredevil) with nuclear weapons like Putin obviously does regarding Syria.

Look how nuclear blackmail has changed the world: The election of Trump and Brexit are just two examples by the way.

Putin's nuclear blackmail prevented Obama from taking out Assad in the first place.

Putin's nuclear blackmail has caused mllions of Sunni refugees to leave their homes or what's left of them in Syria and Iraq.

So, the refugee crisis in Europe right now is caused directly by Putin's nuclear blackmail of the western powers.

And, if we are realistic, North Korea is learning from Putin to get what it wants through nuclear blackmail too.

North Korea thinks: "Well. If Putin can get away with it regarding Syria then we might be able to get away with nuclear blackmail to get whatever we want. Our people are mostly starving anyway. We have nothing to lose."

So, putting your head in the sand like a poltically correct ostrich or something like the U.S. has for years now, isn't going to solve the Putin Nuclear blackmail or the NOrth Korean nuclear blackmail is it?

Being politically correct and not talking about the gorilla in the room doesn't get rid of the Gorilla does it?

Sometimes being politically correct only signals the end of governments and nations.

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