Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Putin has been winning the Nuclear Weapons Blackmail Game now for at least 5 years time

There are some important questions for the western world to ask oneself?

Obama used to say that Russia wasn't an economic threat to the West.

But, that is the wrong question to ask.

The right question is what is Putin really doing?

My point of view is that Putin is taking revenge on the west for what happened to the Soviet Union.

When you view everything he is doing through the lens of REVENGE upon the western world it all finally makes sense.

American Indians would have called what he is doing "Counting Coup" which means to hit and lodge blows without killing an enemy to destroy his pride and sense of well being. It isn't (at least at this point of nuking the U.S. and Europe off the map but as machiavellian as Putin thinks this might be on the agenda in 1 year, 5 years or sooner.

So, what has he done?

A Better question is what hasn't he done?

He has taken revenge on all Sunni Muslims which he believes were one of the causes of the demise of the Soviet Union. the Chechnyan war was also partly about this. Saudi Arabia helped destroy the Soviet Union in 1989 by keeping oil prices low then and also has done the same thing to Russia the last several years as well.

So, Putin takes revenge on Sunni Muslims now in Syria by keeping Assad in power who is a minority Shia leader in a majority Sunni Muslim nation.

He has taken revenge on Europe by creating so many Sunni Muslim refugees that they desperately are moving to Europe to try to survive. This is a part of his revenge upon Europe.

He has taken revenge on the United States by causing Trump to be elected who is completely incompetent as president and who hires for loyalty not for competence of everyone he hires so we have all mostly incompetent members of the Trump Administration.

He has taken revenge on the CIA by releasing all their cyber methods through Wikileaks so this will cost millions and billions of dollars to set up once again our CIA Cyber division so it is useful and workable.

Putin is about revenge. He is already worth billions of dollars because he is corrupt. He might care about the Russian people but he cares more about taking revenge on Europe and Sunnis and the U.S. for ending the Soviet Union.

Putin is totally about revenge. Understanding this comments like "Russia isn't a very great economic threat" is not even the right question we should be asking ourselves.

Putin is taking revenge on the western world by destroying our democracies from the inside out.

And the problem is Politically correct people cannot even talk about it to solve these problems before our nation is gone completely!

So, we not only do not have Nuclear Detente like we used to we have nuclear blackmail that we are being blackmailed by every day as western nations by Putin.

And then the Cyber attacks only rub more salt into our open festering wounds on top of everything else.

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