Saturday, April 1, 2017

Day, week, month and All Time readership

I have found people like to know what other people are reading at this site around the world. Everywhere Google Goes this site likely also goes around the world.

I have found that if I share what are the most read articles daily this helps filter what they read if they don't have a lot of time to go through the articles here in their busy days around the world. I likely should be more regular about telling you what is being read weekly. Maybe I can just do the weeklies on one day of the week like on Saturday. That's likely a good idea there. So, if I can just remember to do the weekly list on Saturdays maybe that could work. I'll start today and hopefully a week from now I'll remember to do it again.

Monthly lists are easy because the top 10 most read articles are always automatically at the top of the page. My older daughter who is good with modern software turned on this feature for me originally for 5 articles. I found the software and moved it up to 10 articles which is why I have stayed with 10 articles automatically word button generating ongoing ever since. So, the 10 monthly I don't have to do anything the software just tabulates how many people read which article on a monthly basis and generate those word buttons to the top of the page automatically.

Daily and weekly I'm doing manually as word buttons on a daily and now I'm trying to remember weekly basis.

All time readership (in other words what articles have the most hits since the site started) are at the left of the page by the way.

Have a Great Day! I hope this is helpful to you in your lives around the world!

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