Thursday, April 20, 2017

What are the ethics of all these disciplines necessary for microfluidics?

DNA chips, lab-on-a-chip technology

Until yesterday I had never before heard of microfluidics and I bet that this might be true for 80% to 90% of you too. However, the next question is what are the ethics of microfluidics, DNA Chips and even lab-on-a-chip technology?

The problem with all these very advanced technologies is there likely are no ethicists involved at this point. It's sort of like when people invented the Atomic Bomb and Hydrogen bomb, were you or your ancestors asked if they could do this?

Ethics plays little or no part in any of this technology. So, whether any of this should actually exist (sort of like atom bombs and hydrogen bombs) likely never will be usefully debated.

Is this good or bad?


Some technologies help mankind, some technologies both help and harm mankind, and some technologies will extinct mankind in time.

So, if there is no ethics involved other than: "What if I do this?"

Then the human race might not be around very long.

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