Sunday, April 9, 2017

Empowering one's children to survive the coming years now

I think most of you noticed something serious has changed when Trump sent in 59 cruise missiles into Syria and now a U.S. Strike Group is heading for the Korean Peninsula after Trump met with the president of China in Florida at his estate. So, what I'm writing about is giving your kids some attitude that they likely are going to need to survive the next year or years of Trump and Kim Jong Un.

I cannot tell you exactly what is going to happen other that to say the population of earth likely will be reduced during this time. If you have lived as long as I have and seen all the things that have happened since around 1950 when I was about 2 you kind of get a feeling about some of these things.

The world is between a rock and a hard place.

Why do I say this?

Because it is now inevitable that the world Paradigm changes like after 9-11.

My son works in South Korea so I'm concerned about this too. He of course being my son and being born and raised in the U.S has a U.S. Passport and so does my Grandson there. However, his wife is South Korean and doesn't yet have a U.S. Passport so I'm concerned because they have decided not to come back here until she has a U.S. Visa and Green Card. However, this is a time consuming process, especially if you didn't bring your wife to the U.S. and marry her here. So, I'm worried about my son, Grandson and son's wife now because things could get bad there and millions could die very easily because militaries both north and South of the Korean Border between North and south Korea have been standing eye to eye since the 1950s now including about 30,000 American Troops ongoing since then too that many of you might not know about. Many of you either have been some of these soldiers stationed there since the 1950s or you have children there now.

So, what I think I'm saying here is this potential conflict may affect us here in the U.S. in various ways somewhat like 9-11 affected us too in 2001 and after.

Because it is Trump who is a novice President he might just shoot from the hip without thinking this through in detail which is his style more like a Wyatt Earp or something. However, this likely will create many unforeseen problems around the world (like millions of people dying).

However, North Korea's nuclear threat is real and must be stopped. Even China knows this and is scared about this too because the consequences might be severe for China to in all this. So, there are many unknowns at this point regarding North and South Korea and how this will affect the lives of millions of people and whether after the dust clears anyone at all will still be alive in North Or South Korea at all.

So, I would to encourage you all to empower your children as survivors however you are choosing to do that.

Survival is about an attitude one takes at each and every point. For me, this started naturally with whooping cough and the era I was raised in (the 1950s). Then a blow to the head caused seizures at night which is called Childhood Epilepsy because as my son told me when he was getting his bachelor of Science degree in Nursing that the only epilepsy that ends at age 15 is called childhood epilepsy and is caused by the skull growing to lessen the pressure on the brain so seizures stop. So called Childhood epilepsy is not hereditary but only caused by a blow to the head during childhood sometime. This is what he told me. However, whooping cough and childhood epilepsy caused me to become a consummate survivor.

In other words if a plane crashed and I was in it I would tend to be one of the survivors even if there were only 4 or 5 people who survived the crash. I tend to survive really awful things even when people around me don't.

I consider this to be "The Grace of God" and it is. So, I would suggest teaching your kids to pray during these times more than anything else. Because when your guts are hanging out from an explosion God might be the only thing you have to keep you going.

I would like to tell you a very helpful story about historic sailors in this.

Bellbottom pants like European and American sailors war on battleships from likely the 1700s on were actually used like life preservers if their ships sank. And often when a ship sank they would take their bellbottom sailor's pants off in the water and fill them with air and stay alive by tying them strategically to keep the air from rising up as bubbles. The water would seal the air mostly in the tight woven pants.

In these conditions younger sailors might often drown first but older sailors older than say 25 or 30 would often survive. Why?

Because they had already survived life threatening conditions and thought to themselves:

"Well. I survived this and that awful thing even though it doesn't look good  if I just remain calm and resolute I might survive this awful thing too."

So, remaining calm and focused without panicking often saved sailors lives as they stayed afloat with their bellbottom pants after their ships sunk or were blown out of the water way back when.

Staying calm and resolute and focused might save all our lives now. Panic mostly kills by the way at all ages. This is something to remember.

Unless you are standing in the middle of the street and a semi truck is bearing down on you, even then being afraid enough to quickly get out of the way might save your life, but panic is almost always counterproductive to your ongoing survival.

Learning to be calm and focused and teaching your children never to panic, especially in a dangerous situation might save their lives over and over again in the near and far future at this point.

By God's Grace

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