Monday, April 3, 2017

How often is Political Correctness Fatal?

This might be difficult to tabulate on a worldwide basis of whether more people die from political correctness or more people stay alive because of political correctness. In the U.S. it might be true that more people stay alive from political correctness. This might be possible. But then how many go crazy because of political correctness which are some of the people you see walking down the street talking to themselves because life no longer makes any sense at all to them?

That people hope all the white lies of political correctness keeps more people alive than kills them is also true of the people who practice it who actually believe in it.

I have never believed in political correctness at any point because it is just not practical in the end. It's sort of like the person who just got hit by a train with arms and legs separated  4 different places and you ask them how they are and they say "Oh. I'm okay!"

Because they are not okay. They might still be alive but they are no longer okay and might never be okay ever again because their arms and legs are no longer connected to their body.

But, yes, there is something to be said for positive thinking too.

Because another person in that situation might say, "Oh my God! I'm going to die!" and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and they just go into shock and die.

So, maybe the most important question regarding political correctness is: "How can people speak to each other truthfully without killing each other?"

Political correctness I do understand is an effort to deal with world overpopulation without all religions and ethnic groups just killing each other dead.

However, overpopulation creates political correctness, Political correctness leads to genocide (because of all the lying) and to leaders like Trump.

Then Trump leads to making Global Warming worse and millions more dying which prevents (maybe) genocidal warfare caused by political correctness (to much lying).

It's pretty crazy isn't it?

But, this is the world we all live in now.

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