Sunday, April 9, 2017

"I know the world is going to keep getting better

Because everyone I know wakes up and is trying to make the world a better place every single day."

This was the philosophy and bywords of my wife's stepfather. IN his town he helped build the municipal golf course and the jet airport in his community. He also was a pilot for about 40 years total and loved flying both in his own Beechcraft Bonanza V-Tail and also commercially all over the world. I learned many things today about my wife's stepfather and I sort of am glad I didn't find out about most of it until today. Because otherwise I might have been too intimidated by someone this resourceful and earth changing of his community most of his life even after he retired. There were an incredible amount of people at this memorial and person after person got up and spoke about how his kindness and thoughtfulness had affected their lives in good ways.

I'm proud after this experience to call him my stepfather in law too after everything I learned about him today.

I knew him as a kind thoughtful person married to my wife's mother and that my wife was very fond of him because he was always very kind and thoughtful about her like a good stepfather. But now, I see he was much more than he showed me and he didn't brag about any of it to me. He just was always a very helpful, caring and thoughtful man to everyone. There are so few people like this in life who have everything going for them and use it right to help everyone they meet or know along the way.

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