Thursday, April 6, 2017

If Matter and Anti-matter come from Dark Matter

If Matter and Anti-matter are components of Dark Matter or Dark Fluid (Dark only meaning unknown in this case) then what are the properties of Dark matter or Dark Fluid?

Dark Matter contains neither Time nor Space as properties but it does contain a form of energy.

But how could we in a matter universe where we would expect all known things to contain matter, time or space or anti-matter deal with something without the properties of time and space, or matter or anti-matter?

This is why scientists have problems with trying to define Dark Matter and Dark Fluid because it does NOT contain Time, Space or matter or anti-matter inherently.

Because matter and anti-matter are in dark matter but they have to be separated somehow to create matter which contains the properties of time and space, and then Anti-matter is one of the other components (which may or may not have the property of Time and space) but likely does because our scientists can define Anti-matter.

But, if dark matter doesn't have the properties of time and space as a component how can a scientist ever properly define something that is not in time and space in the first place?

What happens when you recombine Matter and Anti-matter?

Maybe when you recombine matter and anti-matter scientists might discover what Dark matter is then?

 OR at least get a better idea of what Dark Matter is in the first place before it is broken down into matter and anti-matter?

However, one of the things to remember here is that 96% of the universe is composed of dark matter and dark fluid but only 4% of the known universe contains matter and Anti-matter.

So, likely only 4% of the known universe also contains time and space as well.

When I soul traveled out past the edge of the galaxy in the 1970s I experienced being outside of time and space and for me it was terrifying at the time. I also believe that Einstein soul traveled (whether he understood he was doing this or not) out onto an actual beam of light from the sun at the speed of light. Luckily, he was also a mathematician and physicist and so could therefore create  E equals MC squared as a formula which allowed nuclear power and space travel to actually be accomplished as well as many other things along the way like Time Travel.

I suppose if you were an advanced yogi being out past the edge of the galaxy where everything normal falls off or flies away from you then you might experience what the creators of galaxies did in a primal sense before any galaxies were ever created.

Because Galaxies are an invention that were invented by a race of beings just like when humans invented farms after being hunter gatherer wanderers for thousands and possibly millions of years.

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