Thursday, April 6, 2017

Physical and Spiritual are two parts of the same thing

If you are not spiritually okay you are not physically okay either.

Why do I say this?

My understanding now after a lifetime of research into the subject takes me to this:

How are Galaxies Created?

Timeless Beings from Dark Matter Create Galaxies like Farms. Otherwise Galaxies would not exist at all. They are like Waterfalls between Dark Matter and consist of matter and anti-matter realities. When Dark Matter is split into matter and Anti-matter stars and planets can exist on the matter side of the equation. But on the other side of the Black hole of each Galaxy is an anti-matter galaxy to balance the equation between matter and anti-matter.

However, since Dark matter contains neither Time nor space, time only exists in matter and some form of it might exist in the polar opposite Anti-matter galaxy as well.

Spirituality comes from before Time and space ever existed. It is timeless and infinite in nature. However, when matter is created in a galaxy, spirituality is a part of this reality as well.

So, therefore as souls we are infinite and existed before Galaxies were created. Our bodies we live in now are a part of the matter universe but our souls existed before any galaxies were ever created.

Therefore if you are not spiritually okay first you cannot physically exist in a body in the first place because it won't work.

You might complain about my definitions on this page on a variety of levels but life depends in part on spiritually and physically being in balance. And without enough balance either the life form dies or it self destructs one or the other.

So, if you are not spiritually okay you move towards death but if you are spiritually and physically okay you move towards a longer and longer life.

This is why Physical and spiritual are two parts of the same thing.

By God's Grace

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