Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We went from an honorable man as president to a serial rapist as president

When Trump defends O'Reilly of Fox news against Rape like he also defended O'Reilly's boss and had his boss become a member of the transition team before Trump was inaugurated.

All three appear to be misogynistic and serial rapists,especially after Trump's recorded comments talking about grabbing women by their genitals. This "Rape culture" or "Date Rape Culture" is setting women back at least now to the 1950s as this continues.

However, here is the crazy thing: "Non-polically correct nations likely will be more scared and have more respect for the U.S. with misogynist Trump in power.

This is because most of the world is misognynistic and used to harming women for thousands of years. So, they cannot relate to political correctness as lived in the U.S. and Europe and many other places.

The world is an amazing paradox isn't it?

Up is down, right is left and inside is out all over the world.

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