Thursday, April 6, 2017

Likely there are beings who don't approve of Galaxies just like hunter gatherers might not approve of farms

I suppose there may be beings who decided to remain in Dark matter rather than becoming Galaxy Farmers who then have access to Matter, Anti-matter, Time and Space as variables in their lives. They likely would be like Hunter Gatherers on earth who don't approve of being farmers and having to stay in the same place year around.

I read about how Stephen Hawking was talking about how time is like winding a string around a ball so that even though the movement is circular it is possible never to have the ball touch the same point on the ball twice because of the circular movement of the string as it touches the ball. So, to beings still living without Time and Space as variables in their lives Time and space might be something they don't approve of.

Since 96% of the universe does not contain either Time or Space as variables because it is in Dark Matter this might be something important to think about. Because if galaxies are only Temporary sort of like waterfalls that exist only when it is raining water out of the sky, then a Timeless Spaceless place is where one day we all might return to as souls once we tire of incarnations as physical beings inside of Galaxies.

Because a souls existed before Galaxies were ever thought of or created in the first place.

So, therefore a timeless, spaceless existence is where we as souls all came from and one day will naturally return to the 96% of the universe that does not contain Time or Space or matter or Anti-matter (at least it doesn't contain all those things as separate things) but as combined things that create completely different properties than we are used to calibrating as physical beings here in a matter, time and space realm here on earth.

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