Saturday, April 1, 2017

If your system runs HTTPS

Most people's systems run HTTP or another version of HTTP that is compatible with it. All these things are translated by TCPIP (Tranfer Control Protocol/ INternet protocol).Imagine C3PO from STar wars being able to speak 90,000 languages or something. This allows computers around the world with diferent operating systems and different languages to communicate through the translating done by TCPIP all over the world.

Any way, what I'm told is that the way I combine (or better said the way the robotic translators that create the HTTP that comes out of this site (because I do NO coding anymore unless I have no other choice. So, my site if I'm quoting another site which mixes with the robot translators on this site, then goes out and is translated again through TCPIP out to you somewhere on earth. So, what I'm told is this somehow circumvents the security part of HTTPS (The S is for Security). I know nothing at all about HTTPS by the way I could only program in HTTP to begin with on other blog sites I ran and owned since 1999. However, here's the thing I takes about 10 to 100 times longer to do that than what I do using robot translators.

My criteria is this: Does it Work? Does it load so you can see it and benefit from it? this is how I think about this. So, I NEVER NEVER have put any cookies personally at this site. However, Google who owns does. Also, people who own other websites that I quote might also have cookies on board.

So, I'm trying to notify you with my limited knowledge of all this. If you want to know more I'm afraid you will have to learn stuff that isn't of use to me personally. I have been a computer programmer (someone who can program in various languages) since 1966 when I learned COBOL and FORTRAN and then Basic for fun and I taught all my kids basic from about 1980 on so they could program their own games on their computers way back when it was easy to do that. Less so today.

So, the point is someone has said quotes like I use might interfere with the security of HTTPS. I have no idea what that even means actually because I never learned HTTPS in the fist place and don't really even know why it exists at all because it isn't used that I know of in California where I live at all. (as far as I know).

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