Friday, April 7, 2017

Kim Jong Un is next: The point is not lost on the President of China now visiting Trump in Florida

The point is not lost on the President of China either. That Trump would do this to Assad (he is not Obama obviously) means Kim Jong Un is next metaphorically speaking.

So, literally if China does not solve the Kim Jong Un problem then Trump will. I have no doubt Trump will do this either.

HOWEVER, there is a reason why Obama didn't bomb Assad and Assassinate him. The reason is that there was NO END GAME visible ever.

And the reason Obama didn't take out Kim Jong Un is there is not end game either (at least in regard to China.

China doesn't want to have to take over North Korea and then have South Korea (a well functioning democracy on it's border to teach it's citizens just how great democracy is.

So, for China there is no good end game in regard to North Korea either.

But, if China does nothing it just looks very weak on the world stage now.

So, Trump sending 300 million dollars worth of Cruise missiles into Syria really might pay off in the long run in ending Kim Jong Un's regime in North Korea. However, China won't likely forget that Trump did this to China either.

Because Kim Jong Un (and all his relatives before him) were for China a "Happy Thorn" in the side of the free world since the early 1950s when China fought alongside the North Koreans against the Americans and South Koreans then. So, history of a new kind is in the making here.

We just don't know how it's all going to turn out quite yet.

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