Wednesday, April 5, 2017

most of the time when you write something it might be important to save it

There ARE sometimes when I write something when I'm really upset about something but it is just a vent, a way to release pain and frustation so I can face another day. this was especially true from ages 18 to 24 or 25. But now, this doesn't happen very often. So, I stay leveled headed and don't get angry or freak out very much anymore.

Part of the reason is logically I have experienced that you "Cannot panic after 50". If you do then you likely are just going to die of a stroke or heart attack.

So, learning how not to have such extreme reactions that those reactions are just going to kill you or shorten your life in various way and to reduce your quality of life, it is logical to figure out ways to not freak out in intense ways because often over 40 or 50 this could be fatal.

But, I find more and more that I shouldn't throw away almost anything I write. Not everything is good enough to publish online for other people to read and some things are just a rant and you have to get with the program when this happens and self censor for the greater good.

So, having a blog like mine that has received well over 1 million 500 thousand visits is a responsibility that I take seriously so this site can be a benefit in helping bring quality of life to all who read the articles here. However, often if you are taking the time to write something there is something valuable for you to read one day or one year later. So, often keeping your writings even if you aren't going to publish them ever will help you later in life. This way we don't forget important ideas that might lengthen our lives or others lives along the way.

Have a Great Day!

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