Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I was able to download my pictures from my Iphone to my new computer

Pictures of Squaw Valley Ski resort Yesterday Sund...

I had taken several hundred photos in the last month or two that I wanted to download to one of my computers. I was very frustrated because I couldn't update my itunes software enough on that older macbook pro to be able to any longer download photos from my iphone. But, when I returned and used my newer computer which is a newer macbook pro (a 15 inch screen) so I can see it better and have more clarity with it in general I was able to download all photos and I sighed a sigh of relief.

At the top here I put an article where I put a few photos of Squaw Valley that I took on Sunday when I took the main Gondola which looked to be able to carry 30 to 60 people at full capacity up to ski, snowboard or see the sights and go to the restaurant at 8200 feet at the top of the Gondola ride there at Squaw Valley.

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