Friday, April 21, 2017

Sovereign Time

 Sovereign Time

The primary reason the NSA exists is sovereign time. It is set up to maintain sovereign time through surveillance.

There are also sovereign nations. The only truly sovereign nations have a nuclear weapons. Once a nation has nuclear weapons it becomes a truly sovereign nation. This is why nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia and North Korea all want nuclear weapons because it is the only way truly sovereign nation continues to exist for hundreds of Years.

After World War II the United Nations was created primarily to protect the sovereign nations that are on the Security Council of the United Nations. Because it is thought that once the nation has nuclear weapons those weapons can never be used. But if they are used is agreed upon that those nations are brought back into existence buy retroactive time travel. This is the primary reason that United Nations was founded in the first place. So even though this is a secret there are some people in every sovereign nuclear nation that understand this. I am one of the few people that is allowed to write about the sort of thing so at least some people on earth in the general public understand this is happening. I am at sanctioned galactic scribe which is why no one will bother me speaking the truth or writing the truth. It is important that enough people know what is actually going on. Otherwise some people are going to take advantage of the situation and make it impossible for the average human to have any freedom at all here on earth.

This is why it is important that somehow you know the truth in order to maintain your rights and freedoms in whatever countries you live on earth.

If you want to understand all this better watch “Timeless” on TV or Amazon Prime. Though it is not a perfect representation of the truth you get the general idea by watching this program.

Note: I did not mean to imply here that North Korea's present government will remain a sovereign nation in the present century. The reason for this is only nations who are responsible with their nuclear weapons will be allowed to remain sovereign in the long run. end note.

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