Friday, April 21, 2017

When I first knew FOR SURE Time Travel Existed

I seriously believed it existed always for a variety of reasons. The first being knowing how human beings actually are and how abruptly the biggest wars suddenly ended with World War II. Knowing this wouldn't be possible for normal human beings I was led to the reality that Time travel existed to correct nuclear war and pandemics since world war II. I was also led to the conclusion that Time Travel ended world war II not Nuclear Weapons even though both played a part in this.

But, when I knew for sure I was right all along was Summer 1992 when I heard a cacophony of three Chinook Twin bladed helicopters in formation above my house. I couldn't believe the racket which likely meant over 40 people were in each helicopter observing the ufo that wsa in formation with them.

When I ran out of my house to observe the noise and saw the three Chinooks breaking the sound barrier with the leading edges of their blades as they moved forward I then saw the UFO in formation with them. At this point they stopped (as if they wanted me or others to see them stop in formation). Then I wouldn't let my eyes blink because I realized I was witnessing a once in a lifetime phenomena so I wouldn't miss a moment of this.

Then the UFO that was the same shape as the one I had seen a print of in the snow in late May or June 1974 at Bunny Flats just after my son was born up on Mt. Shasta. So, I recognized the same shape of the one in the sky as the one I had seen a print of before years before. So, when it disappeared suddenly without a sound, the 3 chinooks stayed in place a moment and then moved off down Highway 89 in the direction of Nevada down that road alongside of Mt. Shasta.

At that time Area 51 was still in use as the government hadn't decommissioned it yet.

The helicopters had no military insignia on them at all and were painted Gray with no numerical or alphabetical markings at all.

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