Friday, April 21, 2017

Stabilizing Time

If you were wondering why Trump was allowed (by the powers that be) here on earth to be a U.S. president it is in order to stabilize time.

Time is being stabilized because of the inevitable Technological Singularity coming. It is obvious that Government Time travelers (of all Sovereign nations) through the United Nations have observed the potential Technological Singularities that could hit this century and have decided upon a single one that doesn't extinct the human race.

Trump is a part of this stabilization process. It is a temporary military takeover of the U.S. Government to see us through these potentially extincting times for the entire human race.

I'm writing about this because this is achieving a Critical Mass now worldwide. Though it appears in the news that War with North Korea is about to occur something else entirely is happening. It appears the most advanced military might in the world have found a way for humans to survive a Technological Singularity and Overpopulation which are the two biggest threats to humans surviving this century.

You might say global warming is the worst threat. NO that is bad but not the worst. The Technological Singularity and Overpopulation are specifically worse during this century. Global Warming actually reduces world population and helps prevent human extinction in the 2080s or 2090s from world terrorism.

Here is the problem presently being addressed:

There is a collision between the present and increasing moves towards the Technological Singularity and Overpopulation and the serious reduction of resources like (air to breathe, safe water to drink, safe food to eat etc) and then the serious reductions in jobs and employment other than being a paid terrorist like in ISIS to the point where many poor young men who are Muslim cannot get a job, cannot get married, cannot legally stay alive so their ONLY choice is to become a paid Terrorist for ISIS or Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups (Shia or Sunni).

This is on a collision course with the Technological Singularity which will automatically reduce jobs by 40% worldwide through automation and self driving vehicles over the next 25 years.

To make this worse 80% of all jobs (that exist now) will be gone by 2100.

IF these two things get going much worse than they are now it is likely that they meet in terrorism that would extinct the human race with or without nuclear weapons or a pandemic by 2100.

So, because of all this a way of stabilizing Time is being worked out so the human race survives this century. So, you are going to see a lot of really really strange things in the next century to try to keep the human race not going extinct from all this.

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