Friday, April 21, 2017

Unfortunately, it appears the way humans don't go extinct this century is not based upon human rights

This is very unfortunate for all of us. I think to address this properly would be to say that the more human rights are emphasized the more the human race moves towards overpopulation and extinction. So, though human rights are important to address because otherwise the alternative is human extinction a new type of balance likely is coming of a different sort.

I think this new type of balance looks a lot more like "Lifeboat Theory" worldwide. In other words what happens when a ship sinks and there isn't enough room in the lifeboat for all the survivors?

This is the present problem facing the human race right now if you look at it carefully. I suppose you could look at all the terrorists as the people who don't survive in the lifeboat and that might be one point of view.

However, maybe a better way to look at it would be: "If some people don't survive then no one survives at all."

Any way you look at it this is going to be a very difficult century for the Human Race to survive at all and likely in it's own way will be much more difficult than the 20th Century already was. I grew up in the 2nd half of the 20th century so saying this makes this century even more ominous in it's own way than the 20th century already was.

However, I still think in places like the United States, Canada and Europe being an advocate for human rights still will be a very effective calling even in this century. However, in many other places in the rest of the world it will only be a death sentence the way things are presently shaping up.

Look at Turkey as a good example of a Democratic nation becoming a dictatorship caused by the friction between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims in their area. Turkey is surrounded on one side by Iran, Iraq and Syria (all have Shia Muslim governments). On the other side is Russia (who supports ONLY the Shia governments of Iran and Syria). So, Turkey through Erdogan just gave up it's democracy in a desperate attempt to remain Sunni Muslim. But, the actual effect of this is that Erdogan is now literally the next Saddam Hussein who died in Iraq. So, could Turkey be overthrown by Iran, Russia and Syria? Possibly in the next 20 years if Putin Stays in power. IF this happens it would be likely that Turkey would be a part of either Russia or Iran. However, the way things are going both Iran and Turkey might also be a part of Russia.

This is the kind of craziness that we are likely to see during the next 20 to 25 to 50 years in the middle East.

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