Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why Drones Bombing people from the air could eventually cause human extinction? Anonymity

With the small drones that "Anyone on earth can buy" that are now being set up to bomb people with hand grenades by using a plastic tube to release the hand grenade from a small drone (this is being done right now by ISIS in Mosul on soldiers and civilians by the way) that anyone can buy from $300 plus dollars or steal it anywhere on earth you now have anonymous deaths raining down on people from literally anywhere.

The problem is if you have studied how technology proliferates, this is going to cause other third world leaders to bomb out of existence anyone anywhere they don't like from the air with little drones. The other problem is often you cannot even hear the little electric motors especially if they are several hundred feet high when they drop this hand grenade upon unsuspecting people below.

So, this can be done as many times with the same drone simply by changing battery packs and reloading with a new hand grenade. You could theoretically run this drone in shifts by different people bombing people with night vision built into the drones for even more anonymity and using a person's cell phone GPS in the dark to target people out and about walking around or in their cars driving somewhere or at a stop light.

So, this type of anonymous executions of civilians or soldiers will be done by dictators, drug lords, or literally anyone with the will to kill anyone on earth without any accountability or knowledge of anyone whatsoever of WHO actually committed the murder specifically ever becoming known.

These are sort of like IEDs from the Air. In the past, humvees worried about running over IEDs. Now they have to worry about IEDs attached to little drones coming from the sky. The next step will likely be an air IED with a magnet that will attach to a the top of a humvee and left there by a drone that sneaks up from behind attaches the magnet bomb to the roof and then leaves before detonating it killing all passengers and the driver in the vehicle. You can see it coming sort of the way planes were first used in World War I first with pistols, then mounted machine guns set to not shoot off their propellers, then bombing by hand with hand bombs, then installing bomb bay doors on bigger and bigger planes until we had something like the size of B-52s dropping nukes. The same thing is going to happen with armed air, land and sea drones around the world.

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