Saturday, July 8, 2017


I was listening to an add just a moment ago by Verizon where the guy from Silicon Valley says something like "You don't want to be here at night because of the coyotes."

I found that very misleading because that really isn't how coyotes are.

If you imagine a wild dog mixed with a cat in behavior in some ways mixed with a very wily and intelligent and street smart fox this more describes a coyote in most cases.

However, if you come upon a pack of coyotes like when they are mating or something like this then it becomes an entirely different thing.

Coyotes are very sneaky. And they are not as big usually as a wolf (unless they are a cross breed of a wolf and a coyote and then they are much more dangerous to humans.

But, generally speaking, you want your pets and small children not out at night in your yards where coyotes are because they are famous for grabbing smaller pets and smaller children and running off and eating them. But, generally speaking you as an adult are too big in most cases for them to mess with unless you are injured and unable to defend yourselves.

Also, if there is a pack of  coyotes (you will usually hear them howling at night) so you know they are there within a few miles of you because they are famous for howling at the moon.

But, if you hear them howling bring any pets outside in that isn't at least as big as a pit bull or German Shepard and grown up and fierce because then what coyotes do is they send in a female coyote in heat to entice your male dog out so the pack can attack and eat your dog.

So, these are the very basic things to understand about a coyote. They usually (if they don't have hydrophobia) are not dangerous much at all to adult healthy humans (unless maybe they are drunk or on drugs or something like that.)

Coyotes are very opportunistic and very cunning so be aware of this sort of like a fox.

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