Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Global Warming often precedes an Ice Age

This is one of the more interesting things that happen historically.

This is one of the dynamics where the oceans get hotter and the land gets colder (because of increased precipitation caused by heating of the oceans. So, as the land cools from too much cloud cover (no sun hitting it (snow can stick and not melt year around one year) then other snow sticks to that and snow that falls on snow is less likely to melt than snow that falls on land. (Just because of basic refrigeration dynamics (Ice keeps other ice colder than land does).

So, it is possible in the next 500  to 1000 years there will be snow from  the Sierras to the Atlantic Ocean at some point for 1, 5, 10, 25 or 1000 or more years time. There would also be snow from Spain and Italy and Greece north year around to all the way around to Northern India and China.

These events are fluke events but they can come and are possible any winter and summer when the conditions (too much cloud cover and hot oceans create cold land masses that allow snow not to melt.

In an ice age the snow is only on the land to begin with not on water or ocean except fresh water streams and lakes. However, then over time this could change over the ocean once again too over thousands of years where parts of the oceans are covered by ice and snow by winds carrying cold air refrigerated by ice and snow on the ground.

Presently we are in the 6th Great extinction here on earth. The dinosaurs were one of these extinctions too. So, now man and global warming are causing this extinction but eventually likely an ice age will finish this cycle of extinction and create new creatures of which hopefully some sort of mankind still exists then too.

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