Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I was listening to a tape made last summer of Donald Trump Junior talking about how much business they did with Russia

So, if the Trumps are doing so much business with Russia how come they are denying it now?

And Mueller likely knows how much business dealings the Trumps have in Russia too.

And because of all these business dealings in Russia you can not have these business dealings in Russia unless you are completely in bed with Putin. Because he has to have a cut of all big business dealings in Russia. He's a lot like a mafia crime boss in this. He has to have a piece of everything for it to happen in Russia. So, any money Trump and his family have invested right now in Russia, Putin has the whole family by the balls. So, it really doesn't matter what Trump says because Donald Junior already let the cat out of the bag last summer already.

So, it makes a lot more sense now why Trump doesn't want people to see his tax returns or else EVERYONE worldwide would know by these documents the millions and millions of dollars of business dealings the family has been doing ongoing with Russia through Putin and his henchmen.

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