Sunday, July 16, 2017

Is what people believe in religions around the world true?

I think you have to look at why religions were invented in the first place.

Why were all religions invented?

First of all, it was what you told children so they didn't die of fright in their sleep or jump off a cliff the first time someone they cared about died (like their father or mother or brother or grandparent).

So, this was why religions were invented in the first place.

Then, are religions more useful than believing in Disney movies?

It's hard to say. It depends upon the person really.

I would suggest going on your own personal voyage of discovery to discover what is useful for you to believe.

For example, if you walk out the front door to your house and fall down the stairs, why did that happen?

were you drunk?
Did you just need to eat breakfast of something like Scrambled eggs so you got protein and didn't have low blood sugar?

You have to start somewhere useful in your quest for knowledge. For example, your brain needs protein and B vitamins to work at all for you and if your brain isn't working right then you won't have the coordination to not fall down the steps outside your home.

So, first take care of your physical well being, then work up to trying to understand what you need to believe in.

My parents were ministers (Christian Mystic Ministers) when I was 6 to 12 years old. Was this good for me?

Looking back I see it as more good than bad in my life. It was good in that it taught me mental and physical discipline while I was very bored waiting in church all the time for my parents so I could go home.

Then I thought at age 9 or 10 that all people in religions around the world were basically crazy.

But, then I got childhood epilepsy from a blow to the head so they only way for me to stay alive then was to believe in God and religion.

IF you really want to understand people around the world they believe what they do because they wouldn't be alive and sane without what they believe whatever it is.

I think that is a way to respect people for whatever they believe no matter how you think or feel about it.

Do people change?

Yes. people change all the time so it's important to respect people while they are changing their belief systems.

Also, people changing belief systems often are vulnerable to so you have to be careful of people "losing their religion" because often this will cause their physical deaths or they might go insane too.

So, have respect for people no matter what they believe because they might just be hanging on to life by a thread. So, try to protect them from suicide, insanity and death any way you can.

By God's Grace

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