Friday, July 7, 2017

Just like Wal-mart drove out of business thousands of mom and pop stores in the 1980s Amazon is driving out more big box stores now

First, Amazon drove out of business Borders (which upset my wife a lot because she likes to read paperbacks rather than electronic books). At the time there were no new book stores within about 30 to 50 miles from where we lived other than specialty stores of used books or mystical book stores or Christian book stores and the like. So, she was pretty upset she couldn't look over titles of books in person anymore. So, she had to learn to use Amazon an other sites to find authors and books she wanted to read, then she donates her books to friends who like to read the same kind of stuff as her.

But, it isn't just Amazon that will eventually end all the big box stores in Malls worldwide it is also every specialty item you can now get online too.

For example, this is what helps me a lot. I am 6 foot 5 inches tall and can no longer buy shoes my size at shoe stores almost anywhere unless I go to red Wing Shoes which specializes in boots mostly.

HOwever, because of circulation problems caused by a heart virus I find I can keep feeling in my feet so I can keep going (almost forever now) just by buying Crocs which massage my feet each step and keep circulation going in my feet. (except when I tried to climb too steep an angle through small rocks recently after 4th of july fireworks next to a dam which was almost serious but I'm still an old mountain climber so made it work somehow in the end.

So, I go to to buy shoes my size - Twobigfeet‎
4.6 rating for
Big Shoes For Men At 2 Big Feet®. Big & Large Shoes Up To Size 20!
So , for many things the ONLY Place you can actually get them easily shipped to you now is online.

But, when you can go online and buy things cheaper and don't have to get mugged at the mall by a gang and often (if you are an amazon prime member) get free shipping along with using their Netflix like service too then you can see why malls are slowly going the way of the dodo bird over this next 25 years.

For those of you who like to try on what you are buying though (like my wife) this is a horror.

So, I'm thinking that many ladies' stores will still be around for a long long time at the very least.

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