Thursday, July 13, 2017

made it to 1,803,225 pageviews at this site

Since we are averaging well over 70,000 pageviews a month now likely this blogsite will make it to 2,000,000 pageviews within about 3 months time given all present variables stay the same.

If you are a blogger,  anywhere on earth pageviews often increase when certain articles go viral.

What does viral mean in real terms?

Usually, what it means is something about an article touches individuals in certain ways and so they send this article to their friends or recommend it to their friends. One way is you can on for example an iphone and take an article and text it to your friends worldwide on regular texting or for free through What's App worldwide now. To me, these are the easiest methods for me personally to understand.

For example, my younger daughter was showing me how every movie star now is on Instagram and how I should put pictures there on instagram like it seems like almost all young people below the age of 30 do who have been to college or are in college right now.

However, I told her my wife and I like our privacy and since I have a background in computer hardware and software going back now to the 1960s when I worked in college and after with IBM keypunch, sorters, accounting machines as well as IBM 360s and 1620 mainframes in college and at work and optical scanners for Car dealership accounting all the way back to 1966 to 1968 when I first bought my new Camaro that I eventually drove 145 mph in in 1969. That car was amazing it saved my life more than once because there were no radial tires much then for cars. I had had a set on my 1966 VW Bug years after I got my Camaro. But, tires on cars caused accidents mostly because they weren't manueverable enough in tight spaces. So, my super wide tires allowed me to save my life when all cars around me were being totaled at least once. I could make race car moves without turning over or spinning out in my Camaro which saved both my life and my car more than once.

Once time, I saw a really bad accident on the 405 heading north around Westwood and I was in the fast lane and because a Camaro could do then what most cars could not without spinning out or turning over, I was able to screech into the emergency lane while all cars in front of me and in back of me were totaled from an accident at about 70 mph directly in front of me when someone changed lanes and didn't see the car and flipped their car at too high a speed. So, as all cars around me were getting totaled I spend past and slowly slowed down in the emergency lane.

Of Course, having race car sensibilities and reflexes of a 20 year old didn't hurt either at the time.

So, both my 1968 Camaro and I survived without a scratch while all around me was going to hell. There were at least 10 cars totaled in front and in back of me if I had stayed in the same place which I didn't.

So, a car like this then was sort of a miracle both to get out of trouble but for others who didn't have the sense or reflexes or good judgement cars like this also killed a lot of people. All muscle cars killed a lot of people who couldn't handle them in the 1960s and after.

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