Saturday, July 22, 2017

My own theory about parts of the Dynamo Effect

My theory is that all electricity on earth is taken from the magnetism of earth IF it is generated by breaking magnetic fields using something like a spinning copper coil over a magnet. So, my theory is that the magnetosphere is partly weakening due to unrestrained generation using this process worldwide. So, the deaths from heart attacks and heart problems caused by generating by breaking the fields of magnets will kill more and more people worldwide through cardiac arrest and damage hearts along the way too by letting in too many Cosmic rays through a weakened Magnetosphere.

So, likely the only SAFE way to generate electricity without killing anyone likely is solar energy because this emulates almost photosynthesis and doesn't drain magnetic fields of earth (at least not directly.

The reason I say (at least not directly) is because it is my belief that Solar Winds are the primary driving force in keeping our planets "magnetosphere" and Planetary dynamo "Charged up" whereas breaking magnetic fields depletes our magnetosphere and planetary dynamo.

When the Solar wind which re-infuses and replenishes our magnetosphere and planetary dynamo isn't enough to replace what we take as humans from our magnetic fields of the magnetosphere and the planetary dynamo internally people start to die from heart problems more as cosmic rays enter earth's atmosphere because we are no longer protected as we once were before 1999 or 2000.

Here, I'm stating the problem as I see it. But, governments of the world have their own priorities which might not be saving lives from heart attacks and heart problems. Also, genetic mutations are involved in an increase in Cosmic Rays hitting Earth too. It is why living long term on Mars is a bad idea regarding humans settling Mars unless everyone lives 10 feet or more underground too. Because the magnetosphere on Mars is almost gone completely so cosmic rays would mutate any dna there either plant or animal or human very quickly. I'm not even sure humans could breed there and have a pregnancy come to term with a healthy baby unless it was all done deeper than 10 feet deep in martian dirt.

However, on top of all this there is the fact the likely we are in either a Geomagnetic excursion or geomagnetic reversal which is also creating some of these effects as well.

So, all this must be factored in also into the equation which makes all this more complicated than it should be.

So, how does one deal with all this if governments are suppressing a lot of this information for whatever the reason from the general public?

I'm not sure how to answer this last question.

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