Friday, July 7, 2017

Rape, Cholera and Diseases in addition to Genocide as weapons of war are indications of Overpopulation as well

If you have studied Anthropology or Sociology you likely have studied what happens to animals when there are too many of any one species in any one limited environment. When this happens rape becomes normal, eating children becomes normal, and diseases become more prevalent in any species.

The same thing is happening to humans in Yemen and Syria specifically. Even though more attention is given to Syria (I'm not quite sure why this is in the end) (Maybe because the world needs Saudi Arabian Oil or something) the problem in Yemen is actually getting now much worse than in Syria in some ways specifically in regard to Cholera and other diseases.

As the Shia Houthis become more and more desperate and out gunned by the Saudis who have billions of dollars of weapons, you can see how the IRanians giving weapons to the Houthis has made of Yemen something like a Mad Max Movie in reality. It gives the feel of what "Blackhawk Down" was like to in reality for U.S. soldiers where there IS NO government, the people are all victims to the strongest warlord, everyone is starving, drinking bad water or getting blown up by someone.

This is the future folks as civilian populations become more locally overpopulated and out of control. Nearby developed nations (trying to protect themselves and their own sovereignty) are going to be treating people in Yemen like animals on a shooting range or hunting range in order to try to keep their governments intact.

Unfortunately, as poverty spreads by no jobs, no good food or water, no government in various regions that is where terrorism is likely also to spread from and affect nations around the world more and more.

So, overpopulation in this sense is a disease upon mankind and eventually could cause human extinction as the disease of overpopulation, lack of jobs and clean water and food spreads from nation to nation.

The ONLY Solution I presently see is worldwide birth control enforced of no more than 2 children per couple. Otherwise, human extinction is the likely outcome this century or next.

However, what is more likely to occur before this happens is either a worldwide pandemic which might half or more the present world population or the end of earth as a planet and becoming the second asteroid belt in the solar system or something like that.

What I find the most horrific and strange about all this is when I look forward into time Trump actually prevents human extinction by destroying the helpful democracies of the world to some degree which prevents overpopulation by not caring for poorer nations the way democracies do now.

However, wouldn't 2 children per couple worldwide enforced be a better outcome than what we are presently facing worldwide? At least then the population would stop growing. Otherwise we are all dead this century or next and the human race of earth goes extinct.

I don't think we need to do only 1 child per family like China did from the 1970s on. That creates such an unbalance that many men there cannot marry unless they are rich. It also creates wife theft which is also prevalent in China. It also means there is no one to take care of all the baby boomers and older now in China too so many are dying before their time. China is a complete demographic mess in this sense right now of suffering if people aren't in the upper 1/3 of wealth which would be comparable to Europe and the U.S. of the average person or above. Also, Tuberculosis in China is about 200 to 300 million people out of 1.4 billion also.

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