Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trump and his senility could easily cause an economic collapse of U.S. and the world

On one level I believe this is exactly what Putin is hoping for. If an economic Collapse caused by Trump's senile foolishness as the whole Trump family deccimates America, the people in the last article Doomsday preppers might have something here.

However, advertising that you have all this only invites people to come bomb you so they can live there for free. So, advertising this makes sense only if you are "Selling units" for people to live in if the "Apocalypse" is caused by Trump's idiocy (which actually is quite likely) if he isn't impeached pretty soon.

I completely equate Trump and his family to the "Madness of King George" which caused the founding of our nation. The King of England was completely mad and nuts and this caused Americans to rebel against the "King George Nut job". So, this is how the U.S. actually came into being.

Likewise "The Madness of King Donald" may create some outcome all of us can't even imagine at present.

When I look down timelines from this point the one thing I can say for sure is millions and billions of people die in the next 25 to 50 years from what long term effects Trump and his family is causing right now.

However, what I can't see for sure is whether Democracy survives or not this catastrophe of Trump's craziness.

However, the human race does survive this century ONLY because of how many people Trump causes the deaths of.

The number of people that die directly because of Trump now is in the short run millions but in the long run billions.

Mostly they just starve to death and are not mostly killed in battle or they die from cholera, bad water, no rain from no Paris accords, and all sorts of other craziness like health care which under trump will kill literally thousands of Americans within the next few years because they will be thrown off ANY health care plan and die in droves. And Republicans who voted for Trump likely will be some of the very first to die.

This is one of the saddest things of all. That the people who believed in him will be some of the first killed by him directly and indirectly. His lies killed them or will kill them. I see this as the most pathetic thing of all in all this. Because dying at the hands of someone you believed in is one of the most horrific things people have to endure in life.

How can one man "Fuck up" so many many lives?

This is a very good question.

When Trump was elected I and my wife were ill off and on for about 4 months time. During this time it made no sense at all to me why Trump was President.


Then I looked down timelines and saw what time travelers in our intelligence agencies saw:

"Since the world is not set up presently to INSIST on only 2 children per couple ongoing, Trump was seen as an awful and horrific answer, but still, IT IS a way for the human race not to go to extinct in 2080 or 2090 like we would have without a crazy like Trump.

So, now, I don't know whether democracy survives Trump, but I do know that given all present variables the human race does.

For every one person Trump is responsible for the death of past, present and future 10 people are not born this century.

This is why Trump's insanity prevents human extinction this century mostly through starvation and prevented births.

But still, one must think about the fact that we don't go extinct.

Instead millions of people die from Global Warming and starve to death worldwide from Trump's insanity. So, the millions that die and the billions that will not be born prevent terrorists from blowing up the world and all civilization on earth  completely this century.

Is this Crazy or what?

However, as an intuitive this is what I see when I look down present timelines.

Could we go extinct from some other cause?

Not likely.

(Given all present variables).

At present we have an 80% or better chance of the human race surviving this century in some form.

However, this cannot be said "At least yet" for the next century.

So, we have a lot of work to do for humans to survive the next century too. (2100 to 2200).

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