Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trump is the complete opposite of political correctness and maybe that's a good thing for America!

This exactly what Trump appears to be saying all the time:

"First of all I'm completely crazy and senile. Get used to it because this is just the way I am. I lie all the time and by the way get used to that too. And while you are at it "Fuck You!" and all your children because the ONLY children I care about are my own. They can do no wrong and if you bother any of them while we are running the country into the ground I'll see you disappear or suffer like hell!"

It's sort of like a rich crazy homeless person is running America!

And maybe that's what's good for our country.

To see how "OFF" we have gotten onto a whole lot of bullshit like "political correctness" which just like diplomacy is only a lie in the end.

I'm not saying politeness isn't necessary to prevent everyone from killing each other on earth. However, if you take anything too far there is NO TRUTH left at all about anything.

So, this is where Trump brings us "To Insanity!"

And maybe from Trump's insanity maybe we can forge a more truthful future for all of us that isn't based upon one kind of lies or another.

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